Saturday, November 12, 2005

HaloScan Weblog Commenting System

HaloScan Weblog Commenting System

It is indeed doomsday for spammers targetting weblog commenting systems, since there is a new web service called With weblogs gaining pretty much significance these days and in a way overriding the importance of even websites during information search, since this is more information sharing than just a one-way information publishing in a classic website, spammers find it easy to mix poisonous comments to the blog posts.

Perhaps, a search in your favorite Search Engine reveals that certain blogging systems like .Text ASP.NET Welogs are more vulnerable to CommentSpamming. While I admit that .Text is being slowly changed and upgraded by all webmasters to a more powerful CommunityServer weblog, there are websites which still use .Text system for want of time and manpower involved in upgrading the same.  For them, I strongly feel that Haloscan can help out in containing this Comment Spam Menace.

While I studied my account, I think only three steps are required to bring in a Halascan Commenting system into any weblog:

  1. A Script SRC tag to import the necessary JavaScript libraries.
  2. Wherever you would like to have 'Comment', 'Trackback' link, a link must be placed.
  3. A 'Powered by' or a similar ad somewhere near the footer.

For more common blogging systems like Blogger etc, Halascan itself provides for template modification but for other systems, we may need to tweak the blog template ourself but that is pretty straightforward and easy too.

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