Monday, May 01, 2006

New Academic Year

New Academic Year

It is a new academic year starting in June 2006 for both schools and colleges. Engineering Colleges and Medical Colleges would start proper by July/August since there are a lot of Single Window Counselling and other admission formalities and procedures to be completed by Governments, Educational Institutions and Governing bodies like DoTE and DoME.

A newer lifestyle is waiting for the freshers out of school into the college. It is a newer lifestyle with positive aspirations and outlook if one sees it with confidence. Of course, in the negative aspect, there are worst things like Ragging which more academic institutions are fighting hard to eradicate with.  Now with more sons of politicians somehow managing to get admissions into the colleges, only due to them, Ragging takes an ugly spearhead.

Just to recall a few sites on Ragging which I found and would like to share with the other readers. Feel free to share the same with your friends and let us spread our thoughts into our fraternity to make educational institutions as healthy peace spots instead of making them graveyards like what had happened in Annamalai University.

A few of the links on Ragging and how to prevent them:

  2. "What is going on" -- An Article by Apollo Life.

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