Sunday, May 21, 2006

Turning into Second Year...

Turning into Second Year...

Last week was bit tiresome. Starting from the previous Wednesday (10th May, 2006 till 1359 hours of 19th May, 2006), the only world that I could see, understand is the books from Alagappa , University, towards giving my second semester MBA examinations. And normally, there is a feeling that even semesters (like 2, 4, 6 etc.) are prepared with a question paper that is relatively tougher in the sense either the questions are bit thought-provoking or would test your perseverence and endurance in giving a paper of length in the same three-hour duration. To address this Even Semester Syndrome, I had applied for a leave for the entire of the week. I seldom use the leaves available to me. This had been my practice ever since my school days too and I have a lot of continuous Full Attendance Certificates in the school too.

Interestingly, my workplace was shifting in the mid of the week and a careful planning of the schedules was in fact, the dire need of the hour.

This time, there was one another interesting thing too to include. The examination center was at Avichi Higher Secondary School in Virugambakkam. There were some good things too:

  1. Proximity to my old school. Just about 1.5 kms from Avichi.
  2. An inner close circle of my friends within reach at stone-throw distance.

With an empowerment of these, there was an extra-sense of power to give the examinations with a more powerful force. With this, I am now entering into the second year of MBA with Alagappa University, the subjects are now with the electives only I have chosen and hence not much (!!) of the struggles in the alien jungles.

I was intending to blog this sometime yesterday but I was feeling almost dead tired and got up only towards afternoon and a brief touring to my friends' places. Today, I had to renew the book I had borrowed from Connemara Public Library and then a brief shopping and then this blog.

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