Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Friends in the Blogging Network

My Friends in the Blogging Network
Yesterday evening, about quarter to seven, my Nokia 6030 was indicating a text message. The message was from Hari. At the first, before opening the message, I was thinking about he wanted to inform me regarding the contest and prize winners of the SPICE programme. The message in fact was more interesting and indicating his entry into Blogosphere. You can find the link either from his name in this post or in the 'Friends Blog' section.
There has been a steady influx of gang entering the blogosphere to share diversified thoughts and ideals, commented, criticized, analyzed and accelerated by readers all over the world. A few days back, my other pal, Varalakshmi to make a storming entry into the blogsphere. So what is the 'storming' entry for? A humble step into the blogsphere through a technical post [test run] and then a good post (rather I would a call a very significant eye-opener] for at least Chennaiites. That does not isolate from others reading it.  Check it out yourself from her blog.
Blogs and Orkut Social Networking Community are a sure way to keep us connected with our friends round the clock, without limits of geographical and time boundaries.


Deepak Vasudevan said...

Hey! Forgot to add. There was something significant from Prathiba's quarter too.

She is also a proud winning edge of Friendly Workstation contest. The readers are waiting for a lucid post from the horse mouth in her own blog.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Deepak!! I have never even thought that you will give this much importance to that post..!!
Thanks once again..!! Feel happy as you have spent time reading mine :)