Monday, September 25, 2006

Bit Busy These Days

Bit Busy These Days

Just observed from my MSN Calendar since I needed to visit Parikkal sometime during Diwali. It has been since four years that all my schedules are religiously observed and recorded through my MSN Calendar. If there is an activity that is being solicited out of the same, I do not see even the courtesy of turning it down out right. After all, it is our time and time is more precious than anything. Time once lost can not be gained. Thanks to MSN Calender, and is able to streamline processes for me effectively.

Just wanted to share some interesting observations.

  1. Since Blog UnConference in Chennai on 9th and 10th September, I personally observed that all my weekends are showing booked.
  2. There were some issues like Rahu Kalam interfering and thanks to the repeated advises of Organizer, that these things do not apply for Sri Vaishnavan and even obeying these Rahu Kalam, Yamagandam etc is a heinous sin and a testimony of disobedience to Sriman Narayana.
  3. Sometime back, I have been suggesting and reviewing about Efficient Organizers like and Norada Junglemate. Alongside that I would feel that Windows Live powered MSN Calendar can also occupy a proud and prestigious position.

The bottomline message of the post is two fold.

  1. Emphasis on the use of organizers to complement and help us in our Time Management efforts.
  2. Avoiding the superstitious time and belief as long as the social sect that you fall into allows the same.

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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

Just wanted to update a small info. Since the coming two weeks, my MSN Calendar shows busy schedules, the weekly Triplicane Trips have been rescheduled to Saturday, till the Purattasi month. It would be back to regular Thursdays starting from Aippasi.

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