Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anti-Phishing Endeavors

Anti-Phishing Endeavors

The most hated thing and the most dreaded thing of our day to day use of Internet is the amount of and the nature of (convincing) Phishing emails that we recieve. Still there are a lot of innocent people who fall victims to Phishers giving thier usernames and passwords to Phishing websites leading to credit/identity thefts.

I would like to share some information on the various new browser features which are equipped with Anti-Phishing measures. You can find a good explanation to Phishing from the Wikipedia URL here. There are committed efforts worldwide to eradicate this menace. You may like to check out the Antiphishing website group here and their actions.

The most simpler thing would be at least having the latest web browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and/or Mozilla FireFox 2.0 with Antiphishing features enabled. Here are a few pointers towards safe and secure browsing:

  1. Internet Explorer 7.0 Antiphishing Filter
  2. Google Safe Browsing Tool for FireFox
Under these discussion context, we would also like to draw attention to the sad plight of certain organizations from Chennai and Indian suburbs which does Internet intrusions heavily. You may like to find out a very brief discussion here.

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