Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blooming Spring, Shimmering Chill and Shiny Sunshine

Blooming Spring, Shimmering Chill and Shiny Sunshine

Spring is always a great season to enjoy. And my current trip to Dallas, US has rightly coincided in the Spring of 2007. Inspite of fluctuating and acute weather that prevails now and then like we described for yesterday and for the previous week, it indeed stages a marvellous arena of the greatness and valour of Nature and her talents. Awesome. Great. Terrific. Wonderful. Gazed with wide-open mouth. Deverastic. I just am encountering shortage of English vocabulary to adore the beauty and greatness of Nature.

Today during the afternoon; while casually and leisurely strolling through the green meadows of Meadow Creek Drive and getting snaps of the beauty of Nature I really wondered this way. William Wordworth should be a very great blessed soul to have spent all his life amidst the pleasures of Nature in her laps. After returning to the room, I was still recalling the pleasant views and I fondly recalled Laxmikanth Pyarelal's lyrics 'Panneril Nanaintha ...'. This tunes aptly befit the nature her with alternate snowing, light hails and pleasant sunshine besides the blooming spring.

I would share a couple of snaps I have taken as a Windows Movie with the pleasant background music here. Switch on your speakers.

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