Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bridal Tragedy -- A Shock To our Rich Culture

Bridal Tragedy -- A Shock To our Rich Culture

Wedding is a very holy religious function where two people unite for a newer life. The holy function starts with the bride and groom being arranged for a first level 'Get-To-Know-Each-Other' meet. Today while reading through a matrimonial advertisement, I recalled about an incident of bride-meet earlier. It is also evident that bridal families now feel more arrogant equipped by 'Women Security' acts of the Governement of India, which they try to bend and amend for thier comforts, whims and fancies. It happened about six months back when we have to meet the girl at her residence in West Mambalam. Even the first meet, the girl arrogantly didn't turn up. With great magnanimity, we forgave her. She had her cousin to work with one of the person in about the same vicinity of my workplace. So she wanted him to call me first and know about. Well! I appreciated her gesture through him also as her messenger. This was my second gesture of magnanimity. Third time, she had to meet with the parents. With all horoscopes in place matching, the girl seem to have nod her head in affirmation of her interest. But even then we advised that she should think of her interest for a couple of days. But she was adamant and replied she is perfectly accepting. But two days later, I got a blunt call from her father to indicate about some weird reasons. Guess what -- (*) Status problem -- She has a three brothers it seems and also works as Project Leader.

They were thinking that I would get depressed by this. I replied in just one calm tone -- "Good luck for your daughter. But ensure that she does not continue this foul play ever and ever lest she should be forced signing a divorce the next day of her marriage with such an amount of mental disturbances running amuck in her."

When will people learn that they need to be honest at least in life-decisions? Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

go get a life dude, ur magnanimity really shows off. u must be really jobless to write such craps in such lengths and numbers.

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your views. I also thank you for recognizing and appreciating my magnanimity.

With respect to being "u must be really jobless to write such craps in such lengths and numbers", it does not always mean that. What it demands and places as a requirement is the efficient time management.

I would like to suggest you to start using Dan's Todolist, which would make an efficient time management for you also.

Thanks again for dropping by. Keep visiting and share your views and suggestions.