Thursday, January 31, 2008

A for Accelerator; B for Brake and C for Clutch

A for Accelerator; B for Brake and C for Clutch

From the second part of December, when I had relatively less items in my calendar, I just thought I would focus on getting some driving learnt. The class tutor (Parthiban) of Bala Driving School, Kamarajapuram had an interesting way of starting the teaching.

Any learning starts as A, B, C right. Going by the same lines, he makes the trainee understands the three basic entities of any car.
  1. A for Accelerator
  2. B for Brake
  3. C for Clutch

And interestingly these would form right to left in Indian cars. Sometime back we were discussing about cars in United States here. Interestingly in India, it is right-handed driving and we follow 'Keep Left' policy on roads.

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Deepak Vasudevan said...

I just thought of sharing the interesting comparison of cars in US. I think because cars are automatic, they have only AB. :)