Saturday, February 23, 2008

Banners and Hoardings -- A Latent Advantage

Banners and Hoardings -- A Latent Advantage

Time and again there is a big hue and cry from the Corporation, the municipal authorities and other NGOs regarding the reckless banners and hoardings that are put across every nook and corner of the city. It is true that banners and hoardings have the following disadvantages:

1) Safety hazards particularly in the case of storms
2) Hiding of visibility of the business establishment entries
3) Preventing natural daylight for establishments on whose entry gates, the banner is put up.
4) Distractions to vehicle riders particularly in the case of vulgar displays.

All these discussions and debating points in one side, last week when I was waiting for a bus near Rajakilpakkam bus stand (where only white board ordinary buses stop), I got a different view regarding the banners. There was a hoarding of AIADMK put up in the bus stand. The bus stand was devoid of a proper shade for passengers. As you know, white board buses are now sparse in Chennai and if you are a few who have to depend on them then you need to put up with the enormous hardship particularly exposed to the bright shine and the thunderous rain.

This hoarding of AIADMK was actually a great boon as it saved me from the shine and gave me a pleasant cool shade. I am not affiliated with any political party. Incidentally, since the hoarding was belonging to AIADMK, I am just trying to appreciate them for the goodwill gesture of a cool hoarding to save the passengers from rain or shine.

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