Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Good Refreshing Weekend (16th February 2008)

A Good Refreshing Weekend (16th February 2008)

The Weekend of 16th February 2008 and 17th February 2008 was very much refreshing, entertaining and learning curve besides cleaning a lot of known debris and junk from both my residence and as well my mind. The following were the brief updates that I performed over the weekend:

1) Self-Appraisal: Normally, it is my regular practice to assess myself towards the deliverables I ought to plan towards the first quarter during the first week of February. This had been my regular practice for more than three years. I should actually thank Tony John since his Dotnetspider also encourages this Appraisal. Towards this, on Saturday, I had to update my profile to see what were the shortcomings and also towards upgrading the profile and skillsets.

I would actually sincerely thank Google Docs Team for the real excellent Word Processing product that facilitates seamless and efficient word document creation without a desktop word processor.

2) Core Spam Check: A few people always have a sadistic attitude of tormenting others always. Perhaps there was some kind of envy problems from a few of my ex-colleagues. This triggered them to resort to mass-spamming my inbox time and again whenever they had an outburst of hysteria. Whilst I don't take this seriously, since if they spam, it is going to be a headache for my SMTP server and my technical support, since I am just going to file a trouble ticket with Support, to augment and enhance their spam filters making them still aggressive. But I just thought, I would let the higher-ups over there know over the childish amateur attitude of a few people over there. Hence I drafted a quick and little update to them.

3) Reminder to Prathiba: One of my friend was actually telling me that she wanted to take LLR for driving a car. I remember she was telling me the previous week but for some reason, she could not take up. At least as a token gesture of encouraging, I had set my Calendar to trigger a reminder.

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