Saturday, February 09, 2008

Welcome Showers in Chennai Today

Welcome Showers in Chennai Today

Today being Saturday and also since I went home really late at about 0100 hours the previous night, I had to get up a bit late. I had some quick schedules like having a hair-cut in the morning and when I started out, I would witness black clouds forming up in the sky. Formation of thick and dense cumulo nimbus clouds normally indicates rain. I was bit surprised of this weather since all along it has been hot outside.

A co-passenger in the bus (M51H bound from Tambaram to Saidapet) told me that it has been raining in Chengalput. No sooner did the bus reach Velacherry, the rain started in Chennai too. I had to wait a while in a stop at Little Mount (Saidapet) before I could take up the tasks. I could actually hear people scolding at the rain. But I actually feel the rain should never be scolded. It is the gift of God. I recall that the song in 'En Swasa Katre' starring Aravind Samy and Isha Koppekar which starts like 'Chinna Chinna Mazhaithuligal ...' has one interesting lyric that people should welcome rain and they should actually avoid black umbrellas since black flag demonstration is considered shoo-shooing away (the opposite of welcome).

Let us thank God for the Rain Gift and Welcome Rains.

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