Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rang De -- A novel Micro-Lending Platform

Rang De -- A novel Micro-Lending Platform

A couple of weeks back, I learnt about Rang De, an unique innovative micro-lending platform from Go-Ergo (a tabloid from the publishing house of 'The Hindu'). After a little perusal, I just signed up with it. One of the cofounders (Smita Ram) almost responds to any query on this unique micro-financing website quite fast.

Currently, the website is in nascent stages and is addressing the requirements of farmers, milk persons, vegetable vendors from Maharastra and Tamil Nadu. I just thought of sharing this on my weblog so that more interested people can know about the same and help out the needy. This way, the underprivilege of the society who have good aspirations to accomplish something but handicapped for want of funds would really be immensely benefitted.

I also feel that there is one more need for similar projects like Rang De. The small business people like farmers and vegetable vendors, because of their nature of business, can not approach banks of other financial institutions for loans because the processes involved are rather really cumbersome. In most of the cases, they succumb to borrowing from what do you call as Kandhu Vatti, Meter Vatti and other people who charge skyrocketing interests for peanuts and then try to exploit them. To save people from such troubles, there is a real need for organizations like Rang De, which would be a great torch light of hope for small business people.

Check out the website yourself and join hands with them if you are interested. During the month of August, they are also planning a series of events so that more people would come to know of this organization. Perhaps if you could signup now at the website, you can stay informed regarding those updates too.

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