Monday, July 11, 2011

iPing regulation of hours of sleep

iPing is a valuable reminder call service. A gentle and efficient use of this service is towards regulating our sleep habits and getting a spiritual bliss as outlined here.

At least as a role model, I have set iPing to ring the phone around 2230 hours Eastern greeting 'Good Night. Shubh Ratri. Sleep Now. Bootstrap Spiritual Exercise'. The next wake up call would ring around 0630 hours Eastern Time 'Good Morning. Bootstrap Spiritual Exercise'. Without a reminder service we often tend to slippages of time and slogging.

But still a few people often surprise me a large:
  1. Awake till 3 AM for no reasons.
  2. I have seen a few boozing around on Friday nights till wee hours of Saturday and retiring to sleep at dawn. 
  3. I know of a MGP who claims to work till 2 AM and 3 AM but he snores away at his work desk like crazy.
Where is our Early-to-bed and Early-to-rise  culture going up to?

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