Saturday, August 30, 2003

Happy Ganesh Chaturti

Happy Ganesh Chaturti

Ganesh Chaturti is celebrated this year on 31st of August 2003, all over India.
Perhaps Lord Ganesh, is most significantly worshipped in almost all creeds, caste and region, for education, success of the work that is being started etc.

Perhaps you can get the significance of this festival from here:

Happy Ganesh Chaturti to one and all!

Ban of Animal Sacrifices in TamilNadu -- A Commendable and Laudable Effort by the Government of Tamil Nadu

Animal Sacrifices

A life is not only precious for the human being. A life is so precious for also the dumb animals. Perhaps just for the sake of our benefits and to appease the Lords, certain community of people, go ahead in sacrificing these poor animals. Perhaps, as Bhagavad Gita says, creation and destruction are solely the responsibility of the Almighty. Since we do not involve in creation of these animals, we do not have any rights to destroy them either.

It has been the plead and cry of animal activists all over India, to bring an end to this menace of animal sacrifices spread rampant like a rash epidemic all over this Indian Subcontinent. At this juncture, it is a laudable achievement on part of the Government of Tamil Nadu, to bring a ban on Animal Sacrifices. Perhaps the following news items would throw more light into this: The Ban and its Description

The sad truth is that, the law enforcing authorities, need to be more stricter in enforcing the laws passed by the Government. Even the next day, the law was passed by the Government of Tamil Nadu, there had been a lot of animal slaughters somewhere down the line near the town of Madurai as the news item describes here.

Whatever it is, it is a humble start of the maiden journey in social reform on part of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Let this be a good beginning and soon Tamil Nadu shall harvest the long term benefits that arise out of more such graceful and consistent effort from our chief minister and form all of us. Thanks a ton Mam for your genuine efforts in making Tamil Nadu, a true peace park and looking forward for more such peace efforts in Tamil Nadu, which will make Tamil Nadu an enviable state for the World to look on.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Congrats and Best Wishes

Sengu and Bharati!

Advanced Congratulations and Best wishes for your marriage.  Perhaps this week, there seems a sequence of marriages starting from our Technical Lead.

Congratulations to Sengu and Bharati!

Wish you all the best!

Monday, August 25, 2003

WebKennel is down for maintenance

There seems to be some problem in some of content files and hence WebKennel is currently undergoing a scheduled maintenance phase. We expect WebKennel to be back by tonight. Thanks for your understanding...

WebKennel is back and restored

WebKennel is back and restored. Sections of the website are yet to be updated and linked to BlogDrive and other pages have still to be updated and would be done in stages. Thanks for your feedback!