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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Advanced Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Sister

Dear Sister,

As the clock ticks  in 11th February, I know it is your birthday. And as you normally know, Lavanya Deepak Network takes pride in extending its first and foremost choicest birthday wishes to you.

Happy Birthday! Have a great blast!

SathamAnam bhavathy SathAyu: Purushasyatha 
   Indhriya yEva Indhriya tE Prathithishtathi

Monday, February 08, 2016

Hutch/Vodafone and NMNP

With NMNP in place, the erstwhile Hutch campaign seems to be coming true. The Vodafone number can keep following you where-ever you move across the subcontinent or even internationally.

While the latter would mean an international roaming the former can now change home networks. Say for example your Vodafone Mumbai number can become a local number when you move to New Delhi.

Comparison between transport corporations

I have been using different transport corporations during my stays and travels to different places. Here is a quick comparison between three transport corporations.

1 Name of Business Entity Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Metropolitan Transport Corporation Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
2 Hospitality of Crew Normal. But if you do not have a proper change forget getting. Disgusting. Even if you have change, the crew will take some cuts. Amicable. Gives proper change and expect proper change (even after you get down. :) )
3 Helping in Routes Good Average Excellent
4 Assist in Boarding Stops buses when requested as much traffic conditions permit Skips stops and goes near an auto-stand to stop Stops buses when requested as much traffic conditions permit
5 Honesty of Ground Staff Good Good Corrupt. Read IPaidABribe report here.
6 Follow up of Administration on Complaints Zero Average. Takes a week to respond Extremely proactive. Regarding the corruption I reported to BMTC, this writer has talked to around half a dozen people ranging from PRO, Deputy Director and Sr. Inspector (Vigilance)
7 Bus Quality Need to improve Has good spectrum of buses like Semi low floor Deluxe, Volvo etc. Vast spectrum of buses like Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Volvo etc.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Situational Greed

During our every day journey we come across a lot of people. That way we also learn about a lot of attitude and get enormous experience. There are people who are so mean that they want to make the best for their own benefit at the cost of others.

There was a recent experience with one such spiritual service consultant who was helped by this writer in revamping his website for free. But then he was trying to take an undue advantage of enqueuing a lot of more change requests at the expense of writer's main tasks. When it was refused he used to show a long face. Furthermore, a lot of freebies he was expecting. 

There was also quite a few things which the writer discovered about him -- Non-compliance regarding tax returns. Despite advising him a number of times he was not budging. And during the recent trip to US, this elite gentleman was trying to give a long list of things to get -- laptop, accessories like bluetooth keyboard etc. When it comes to payment he will give in pieces. And when the services were turned down there is no response from him for the past few months.

How do we treat and deal such situational greedy people?

Friday, December 18, 2015

End of Employment Contract Dispute with a UK based Concern

A UK based employer had initially extended an employment offer in October 2015. However subsequent to this writer's background verification the organization failed to respond to a few clarifications and hence the writer wanted to void the contract. Stung by an ego hurt, the organization filed a case with Chennai High Court alleging facts and fabrications.

Our legal counsel too examined the issue at depth and finally resolved the issue voiding the employment contracts with the employer. A few things to note were:

  • The organization does not have a defined scrum meeting schedule and expects employees to appear for the meeting whenever the CEO is free. Sometimes at 9.30 PM
  • Wage payment delayed. And on questioning it they silently disappeared blocking Whatsapp also.
I am quite curious and am eager to see when such employers would realize the true value of employees instead of treating them as commodities.

Friday, November 13, 2015

"I am a Phoenix Bird" was the response to the corrupt in Canara Bank

A while back I had shared about a retaliation of the corruption accused on this writer over here. The corrupt were thinking that I would close the fifteen year old account getting afraid of them. Unfortunately now they had to sniff their own arses  because I had totally moved the account and all respective relationship with that branch to another one with the help of their appellate team.

Anyways there is not much to blame the accused because the person hailing from a backward community and having secured position through the so called reservations can not be expected to have good virtues other than being corrupt. This is by far the unfortunate truth that is prevailing in many departments of Indian government.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SIR -- (S)lave (I) (R)emain

The most abominable and commonly used word in India is 'Sir' for everything and anyone.  The real acronym for the word 'Sir' is (S)lave (I) (R)emain. And it is the remnant of the imperialistic effect that British has left upon us several centuries before. If you have watched the tamil movie 'Thamizhan' (starring Vijay) where he condemns the writer of the police station for forcing people to call the inspector as 'Ayya' (sir in Tamil). He adds that if he is so obsessed with that relationship, it is up to him but not to thrust the same on others.

I have been observing quite a number of software companies in Chennai also, unfortunately, catching up this trend of juniors addressing seniors as 'SIR'. What is the purpose of 'first name' (given name) and 'last name' for the person then? Why are people so obsessed with the relationship of being a slave?

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

End of Real Estate Drama with Tenant in Medavakkam

One of my client had vested with me responsibility of managing the tenancy at his apartment near Medavakkam. Of late the tenants had been little fooling around by delaying credit of rent in the account. They finally vacated the apartment in May however failed to properly remit the utility bills leading to which my client had late payment alerts from the service provider.

The phone numbers of the tenants were also not reachable and hence I had to force law enforcement into the action. Initially I had some difficulties registering a report and here is where CCTNS came to the rescue.  The police commissionarate dispatched the report to Thazhambur police station (jurisdiction) and after which the tenants obliged to come for an enquiry and the issue got amicably resolved.