Thursday, March 04, 2004

Life at C S Software (11-August-2001 to 04-04-2004)

Life at C S Software (11-August-2001 to 04-04-2004)

Oh Well! After a long long tenure at this company called C S Software Solutions, it is time that I bid adieu to you. There were'nt any single point reason though. It was a multi-faceted reason.

  • My joining in C S Software itself was accidental. An out-of-process recruitment. It was purely out of mercy that Francis Xavier, the then HR strongly talked and recommended to Srinivas (CEO) to pull me aboard. It was a pleasurable accident since in that period of 2001, I was suffering because of closing down shutters of my old company (Chrysolite Enterprises P Ltd) due to IT Wreckage or IT Slowdown in 2001.

    One fine day in 10th July 2001, I got a call from Francis. "We are a MNC in Chennai. We actually need some body who can train our guys in ASP for a couple of days." Oh! Man! After a bit of software experience, the situation has become so worse, to take up training works!? But I silently ignored it. Francis was strong on that and called me again.

    My instinct told me "Dude! Why can't you try this avenue too? We have tried freelance. tried software. Just give a try." Well! I expressed my agreement and took a training for ASP for four of the guys there for just three days in practical ASP. They were convinced in the fact that I did'nt have any book to support rather pure realtime. I am much thankful to then team, who were happy to create a miracle and lend me a helping hand, in getting my daily bread and butter. The four of them are: Srinivas Sunkaraneni, Sreedhar Katikireddy, Balaji Pitchumani and a business research guy called Srinivasan Veeraraghavan
  • It was about a good time sailing, though just about mediocre pays but a good one at least from a smaller company of that type. I knew people from a lot of software companies in Chennai [Names suppressed for privacy reasons], where they worked a month long but salary was not being paid. During our lunch sessions, we would really have fun time discussing about these clumsy organizations and the type of management, who deprives employees of thier basic bread and butter -- Are they humans or blood sucking leeches -- after extracting all work, they feel stingy to pay the salary? Would they dare to do that with an autorickshaw fellow? I am sure they would get their nostrils patched up in a nearby nursing home.
  • Regarding projects, though it was not lot of them but at least to hearts' content -- A web application for a french based dictionary service provider, a web-based SCM for an Ambur-based Tannery. It was a breakthrough when we got a project from a Credit Union based in New York. For about three years, it was a complete immersion-cum-submergence only in .NET.
  • All went fine but for some internal administration reasons, the credit union and the group company wanted to take back the project and execute internally. Wrap up said them. And most of the guys here wrapped up and set thier journeys to newer organizations.
  • It was then, I found my Junglemate -- web-based email (Solve 360 Product from Norada) It helped me a lot in sending resumes to all consultants.

Well! It was about 7th March, 2001, when the call from Cybernet came for a position of Systems Analyst. All processes went through fine.

I submitted my papers to Srinivas Thirunagari, Gangadharan Manari and Sasidharan Chinnaraj directly. These trio are really helpful and true to their hearts. Being a small organization, CS was nurturing a lot of internal politics and there were a couple of guys including a middle manager who went to the extent of breaking my career for no fault of mine. It was the CEO (Srinivas) himself interfered and saved me a lot of times. He used to spend a lot of time with him telling that these are inevitable anywhere. "Why are you afraid of facing these? If these fellows are not there, we would'nt have some adventures.".

Srinivas was then in Minneapolis and with his blessings and offshore office heads signatures, I too wrapped up from C S Software and moved ahead on my career journey with Synaptris Decisions.


Sudar said...

But I could still remember how every one whom I met even my (lectures) criticize my decision to take up computer science instead of Electronics in my BE.

But luckily, I was at college during the IT Slowdown (2000 - 2002) and escaped from it.

Let’s hope there isn’t another IT Slowdown


Anonymous said...

I had worked for CS briefly and found Srinivas Tirunagari and G Manari are great people to work with and I had great time working for them, I wish them very best of luck!
--Srihari Konakanchi

Anonymous said...

I had worked for CS briefly and found Srinivas Tirunagari and G Manari are great people to work with and I had great time working for them, I wish them very best of luck!
--Srihari Konakanchi

Deepak Kumar Vasudevan said...


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views. I admit that Srinivas Thirunagari and Gangadharan Manari are really excellent people to work with. They are very optimistic, god-fearing and encourage us in every step to take a bold initiative to win more laurels.

I remember, Srinivas Sunkaraneni (shortly known as seena) used to tell about you very often.

BTW, where are you now?

Deepak Vasudevan