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A little blog after really a long time

Perhaps it is really really long time I had been away from my weblog. But I think even in this idel time too, my blog has been serving and refreshing the users with really good piece of technical information as search patterns in and out of shows.  Cool!
A lot of things to update in this blog since its next latest entry on March 23, 2004.

A little of turn of events and I had landed myself in Bangalore now, away from the Chennai city. Note that since April 5, 2003, will not work since I am no longer associated with C S Solutions Inc. or C S Software, Chennai in any way and have resigned from the services of the organization.

You may reach me on my Airtel mobile number as usual. But it is now a Roaming Call and I reserve on whether to answer the calls or divert to VoiceMail, since every incoming is a costly STD component. Better send me a short-n-sweet SMS of your message and I would get back to you at an earliest occasion.

More abou…

Home Registration Complete

Home Registration Complete

The home purchase, whose process, I had initiated sometime back in January - Februrary, right after my trip to Sabarimala is complete and today the registration was complete and all the documents safely landed to my banker.

It was bit hectic day, taking a day off from work, jumping back and forth between Virugambakkam and Tambaram where the registration office is located. Of course, I admit that it is a pleasurable pain.

Joined the Cybernet Family (Synaptris Decisions)

Joined the Cybernet Family (Synaptris Decisions)After a month-long process of pre-employment verifications, I signed the registers of Synaptris Decisions (group of Cybernet Software Systems) today along with the form for my salary savings account with HDFC. It was a great time with a more friendlier set of people, introducing me to the various contact persons and processes with the new organization.My office is located right near the Sterling Road, where exactly was the IndChem group was located previously. I think, IndChem Software Technologies, is no more now since the domain has also expired and is pending renewal.Today was bit busy since I had to go to my previous organization, C S Software Solutions, to get the final clearances and other papers. I was actually promised that I would be given all the documents yesterday but they were experiencing some unforeseen meetings and tight schedules and I had to go today to get all those.