Monday, September 20, 2004

First Day at ITPL

First Day at ITPL

After a long sojourn with small organizations in Chennai which are just dictated by a few autocratic middle managers, today I am joining an organization in Bangalore. Perhaps the first day in the cool garden city. The climate is cool but the internal tensions and anxiety from the hearts besides the butterflies in the stomach making to feel the climate as hot.

I Love You, Bangalore!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Page Moved

There seems to be some problem @provider end for and hence my primary homepage has to shift its location again. Check out the new URL: 

The migration is expected to be complete with a brand new set of features and look and feel, in the course of this week. As of now, I have just tried to make the website up, with minimal set of features. Stay Tuned!!

Trip to Bangalore

Trip to Bangalore
I am on my life to Bangalore. I would most probably accept an offer out there sometime. To start with I amHSR Layout, Koramangala with my friend, Madhu Kartha and his brother.

I don't know whether I can put the link to my organization, till I officially join.

I would keep updating my work profile shortly.

Stay Tuned!!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Synaptris to Bangalore

Synaptris to Bangalore

My preparations from Synaptris Decisions to Bangalore is going on. Formally, I have informed my Synaptris officials and got a nod for clearances, final settlements etc. It had been a great time with great people like ShivKumar, Mariappan Natarajan, Venkateswari Madasamy, ThaiyalNayagi D, DJ, Rammohan, Rajesh Datta. And all the above, my Synaptris Scheduler and my system (file:////ramya/)

The system name, I have'nt changed it and it had been the same during my entire tenure, carrying forward the name of my predecessor, who had resigned from Synaptris sometime in April and joined Virtusa Inc.