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TSunami -- The Tidal Tragedy of 26th December 2004

Waking up on 26th December 2004 was to silently witness the killer underwater earthquakes epicentered at Sumatra, near Indonesian islands. It also was followed by a chain of TSunami Tidal hits in the different countries of South East Asia. India  (Andaman & Nicobar), Srilanka were the worst hit amongst the countries that TSunami visited on the ill-fated day.
Lets take a couple of minutes to observe silence and pray to the Lord Almighty to give strength to the survivors of TSunami tragedy. I was visiting a couple of websites and I think, we can also use Times Of India URL to extend help to TSunami victims:

Here is the URL for the RedCross of India, where you can also send donations to help the TSunami victims: