Saturday, December 24, 2011

"A Gift of the Magi" from Uma to this blogger

I have been trying to locate a  good high resolution clear picture of Lordess Kamakshi at Mangadu for sometime close to an year now. Interestingly the website of Mangadu Kamakshi temple also seems to have only a low resolution picture of the Lordess.

My sincere thanks to Uma from Pammal who endeavored to help in getting a good high resolution image scanned and shared across.

And as a rarest breed of coincidence the scanned image came up on the Christmas Eve day making it a gift of the magi and a greatest divine blissful shower of blessings.

Perhaps, Mangadu Kamakshi had been penancing to Lord Shiva for several years before tying the knots at Kanchipuram and quite similarly it had been months of wait for Her before I could get behold of Her after a long gap.

Update on 27th December 2011: I also emailed to Sri Mangadu Kamakshi Devasthanams the new picture and with a request to them to see if they can publish the newer image on the website for the benefit of all devotees. Today they replied me with the calendar pic of 2012 where they have another divine picture of Sri Kamakshi. Please find the same below:

Thank you Uma and thank you Kamakshi!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Thiruppavai Celebrations and Happy Holidays!

I am glad that I was able to compile and publish Thiruppavai videos along with pasurams in Tamil in my micro-blog. And with the grace of Sri Andal the same has been accomplished, this day (1st day of Margazhi)

திருவாடிப் பூரத்து செகத்துதித்தாள் வாழியே!
திருப்பாவை முப்பதும் செப்பினாள் வாழியே!
பெரியாழ்வார் பெற்றெடுத்த பெண் பிள்ளை வாழியே!
பெரும்புதூர் மாமுனிக்குப் பின்னானாள் வாழியே!
ஒரு நூற்று நாற்பத்து மூன்றுரைத்தாள் வாழியே!
உயரரங்கற்கே கண்ணியுகந்தளித்தாள் வாழியே!
மருவாரும் திருமல்லி வள நாடி வாழியே!

வண்புதுவை நகர்க் கோதை மலர்ப் பதங்கள் வாழியே! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Rajinikanth!

Superstar Rajinikanth celebrates his 61st birthday. Despite being a stunning universal superstar, he is known for his extreme simplicity, respect to elders and god-fearing attitude. Even one of the interviews regarding Enthiran for the next thing he is planning he was observed to show a gesture 'All credits to God'.

That humility and god-fearing attitude is the one taking him to high peaks, fortifying him like anything and the gestures of which we should learn from him.

Let us join him to wish 'Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day'. Enjoy Maadi!