Saturday, April 15, 2006

Akshaya Tritiya -- Seed of Prosperity

Akshaya Tritiya -- Seed of Prosperity

Every year, as you flip channels through any newspapers during March to May, you can find any jewellery shop placing mostly largely sized ads that invite people to buy jewellery and with promising options like 'No Service Charges, No Wastages' and promising 'exchange old good for new one' etc.

So whatz all these hype about Akshaya Tritiya?

When Akshaya Tritiya is observed on the third day after the Amavasya (New Moon Day) during the Shukla Paksha period. Normally it falls anytime between April 14 to November 14. This year (2006), Akshaya Tritiya is observed on 30th April 2006 (Sunday).

Significance A good deed on this day would earn a lot of credit (punyam) for ages for the doer. People are very eager to make investments, start new business ventures on this day. Some scholars also debate that the day is so good that even weddings can be conducted on the day without much and deep consultatations of the almanacs.

Background There are several background information for the greatness of Akshaya Tritiya. The most commonly discussed ones are compiled and presented below for readers' quick reference:

  1. Legend: This day marks the beginning of the Treta Yuga.
  2. Astronomy: The scientific and solar system study too attributes much importance to this day. During this period, the Sun and the Moon are positioned in a very favorable position to the people of the world. The Sun is located in its exalted position (Aries) and Moon too in its exalted position (Taurus). With both the Lord of the Planets ("Sun") and the Lord of Creativity ("Moon") in thier most exalted state, the day gains significant importance for all auspicious activities.
  3. Incarnation of the Lord: It is said that Lord Parasuram (sixth incarnation of the Lord Maha Vishnu), was born on this day.


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Really its a good post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

Really good post. Never knew the significance of Akshaya Tritiya.
Thanks to you.. :)

Sad part of this being the commercialisation on this day. Every jewellery shop owner uses this as an excuse to lure customers.All they do is entice customers into buying ( they somehow fix the rates that they "appear" to be lowered, while the truth is far from it.)gold.

The significance of the day is lost, because of this. Unfortunately till now i had been under the impression that Akshaya tritiya is the day for buying gold.
Who knows how many others like me are out there, without realising , the true importance ?