Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chennai FM Spectrum

Chennai FM Spectrum

Quick and handy entertainment in Chennai now is not too difficult to obtain and find. There are a lot of FMs that have been launched of late, which helps us keep engaged in listening to some good music. Some of the FMs even have innovative sales promotions, as we have discussed one from Big 92.7 FM sometime back.

Just thought today, I would try to summarize a few FMs in Chennai for the benefit of readers:

  1. Suryan FM from Sun Network -- 93.5
  2. Radio Mirchi -- 98.3
  3. Radio One -- 94.3
  4. Big FM -- 92.7
  5. Aha

Just while blogging this, I could'nt get the frequency configuration of Aha FM. I would keep you posted shortly.

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Anonymous said...

hi deepak vasudevan

It is a simple matter. Tune your Radio and hear Aha FM. Repeatedly they are announcing Aha FM 91.9. Pozhudhu Pokkin Uchakattam. If you have mobile with FM facility, you can tune the channels. Auto tuning and manual tuning both are available. Please try.


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