Saturday, January 20, 2007

Proliferation of Dwelling Places of Kali

Proliferation of Dwelling Places of Kali

The ardent and sincere efforts of King Parikshit to control the rule of Kali, who is the ruler of current age (Kali Yuga) seems to be going steadily on the drain. There are four yugas namely:

  1. Satya Yuga
  2. Dwapara Yuga
  3. Treta Yuga
  4. Kali Yuga

The balance between righteousness and unrighteousness is 100%:0% in 1, 75%: 25% in 2, 50%:50% in 3 and 25%:75% in 4. Check out this Wiki page for details.

A discourse from Mridual Krishna Maharaj and he was telling that at the start of Kali Yuga when Parikshit was ruling the earth, the demon king Kali came down to earth to take over the control. But since Parikshit was such a powerful noble king with so much of Dharma he had tough time finding a dwelling place for himself and he requested the king that it was his time to rule the earth and he wanted place. After much thought and consideration, Parikshit came forward to give him four ugly places for the wicked king, which our noble scriptures deny any common mon. The four places are:

  1. Liquor Shops
  2. Brothels
  3. Abattoirs or Slaughterhouses
  4. Gambling Casinos

I wanted to share this discourse thought from Sanksar TV so that we can avoid any bad activity. I think, with the help of God, we can try to keep off as much as possible from even the taints of the above Frustrating Four.

Currently, we have sufferings in the nation due to our wicked politicians due to all four. They are:

  1. TASMAC Wine shops/Bars opened like anything scott-free. There also scams all around.
  2. The problem of Eve-Teasing Going Haywire.
  3. Cannibalistic Attitude. This typically is visible from Noida - Nithari killing spree.
  4. Widespread gambling offers in Star Restaurants, Credit Card offers and more.

I think let us chose and have a firm New Year Resolution to stay as much as possible from the above four pillars of Kali.

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