Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Trips and Bountiful Gifts

Saturday Trips and Bountiful Gifts

Today being Saturday and I had some bank chores to accomplish and hence started a bit early from home. While waiting at Kamarajapuram bus stand, I saw a mini bus with Big 92.7 FM painted on it stopping nearby. The conductor was calling passengers bound for Velacherry, Kilkattalai upto DMS. Normally it is common in Tambaram suburb that private buses do ferry passengers and they just charge some 10 INR for the same. This is far more convenient than depending on fleecing autos who almost demand your property deeds.

When asked about the fare, it was a pleasant surprise -- Free Drives. Big 92.7 FM is organizing free drives in random routes and lucky passengers who happen to travel in the places where these buses ply can board it and alight at the destination of thier choice. Absolutely free. I boarded the bus. It was a well-designed bus with good seating and pleasant ambience. The stereo was also playing Big 92.7 FM. So the journey was pleasant as if you are on your own private car. We should really thank Big 92.7 FM for an innovative advertisement promotions that also serves as a valuable public service.

After I reached T. Nagar, I had to manage some deposits at State Bank of Travancore. Quite interestingly, this branch also helped my friend Redhy Issac, to open an account. I got a very nice Kerala photograph calendar. This year, Indian Bank, too has brought in a large number of innovations.

  1. Free Lifetime creditcards.
  2. Double your money Centennial Deposits.
  3. Platinum Savings Account to make the most of your funds in Savings Account.

The Indian Bank calendar actually shows all these products. I think every one should have an account with Indian Bank instead of depending on private banks who bank only for the booty. Just came back to my workplace since I had some work.

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