Saturday, February 24, 2007

Carcinogenic Entertainers

Carcinogenic Entertainers

Movies or cinemas have been initially brought in a with a noble intention of entertaining people, give messages to thier lifestyle to lead and tread a noble life. But the current set of movies seems to be really otherwise. They give a message that people should intrepret as which should not be followed at all, often flavored, peppered and topped-up with violence, lust, hypocrisy and all other negative things. As I described in my previous post, in a way, it was really irrititating to watch the channels that were beyond normal noble Indian culture. And it just fondly recalled the experience during Sabarimala trip.

During the trip there were a few easy-go style passengers who wanted films to be screened. Two nauseating films like Vettai adu Vilayadu and Thalaimagan were screened but for only a few tracks. We had some interesting divine retaliation too for a few crossing the vrathams. With Thalaimagan screened while crossing Palani, we encountered the problems of missing the route and we have to roam for half-an-hour before reaching the Kerala border. And the screening of Vettaiyadu Vilayadu provoked a comment from one devotee that it might be against the vratha And interestingly we had strenous time in trekking the Chinna Pathai.

Again there is one societal menace of current day films, a few of which we have described here. Hope at least people would start avoiding such films for the welfare of society.

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