Thursday, March 29, 2007



The car that we used to travel from and to between our 919 office and Homestead at Irving used to show this message whenever we open the door 'Door Ajar'. AJAR seemed to be a new word. I first thought out that it should be a spanish word for 'Door'. I wanted to lookup this but laziness was overwhelming my enthusiasm in a way that Procrastination efforts were thieving much of the time.

Today just got a glimpse of the word in WordWeb. It indicates the meaning as 'Slightly open'. The actual example given was 'The door was ajar'.

There are some more interesting and useful observations that I have deduced in the cars here.

  1. The diversity of the cars and thier spectrum is vast and huge. No two cars in a random sampling at even a very small junction like Meadow Creek for a timespan of 15 minutes (quarter hour) is the same.
  2. The vehicles are powered by left hand driving since the nation follows 'Keep Right' policy on roads, unlike British way of 'Keep Left'.
  3. The passengers are stipulated by statuted to mandatorily wear Seat Belts which are optional in India. Violators may be fined heavily here. This is in the interest of safety of passengers.
  4. Speedometer measures in miles and distance metrics is miles as against kilometers in India.
  5. There are no petrol bunks rather we go to gas stations and fill gas.
  6. We don't fill petrol in litres rather we fill gas in gallons.

There are more interesting observations. A few might be very much amateurish. Please bear with me. A few are a bit childish discoveries that are being shared.

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Deepak Vasudevan said...

I just fondly remembered about another type of cars which we loved to rent and drive -- Convertible types (Where the upper window can be lifted off).

Now MTC Buses in Chennai also come with little convertible windows near the front and the middle.