Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Good Herbal Pain Reliever

A Good Herbal Pain Reliever

In these stress-filled days, most of our bags normally carry a pack of Vicks, Amrutanjan etc either as pain balms or as tablets (pills). During my trip to Sabarimala, there was one marketing executive who was selling herbal medicine for headache in the bus near Kumbam (Kumili). Though initially we were reluctant but since just it was INR (Indian Rupees) 10 (Ten only), we bought each of the pack. It was really good and it seemed to be multi-faceted palm to address headache,body ache, phlegm in lungs (normally in bronchial inflammations and related diseases), tooth ache, joint pains, foot cracks. The ointment is purely applies to skin and not for consumption. Siddha medicines are good that they don't have any side effects like allopathy medicines.

I just wanted to share the address of the herbal store so that related persons can contact them for medicines:

New Shiba Pharma,
8/74, Chekkadi Street,
Near Vaniyar Kalyana Mahal,
Kambam -- 625 526

Contact Mobile Numbers: 91 94439 29263, 91 99430 23232

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