Friday, March 09, 2007

A humble Sabarimala Video Yatra

A humble Sabarimala Video Yatra

An Ayyappa Swami was kind enough to upload the title song of Swami Ayyappan song in Coolgoose, a public domain song hosting free service. I just thought I can share the message to other devotees since it would be a great treasure for every one of them to keep listening to His holy names whenever they find time. It is purely with the blessings of my Lord that a new idea was entrusted on me by Him that I compile a few photographs of Sabarimala Yatra, play around the Windows Movie Maker tool (which is a free tool provided with Microsoft Windows XP).

I have prepared a rough video of Sabarimala Virtual Yatra with these photographs and alongside, the Swami Ayyappan title song would be playing in the background.

A few points to note:

  1. I have'nt used Windows Movie Maker before and I humbly accept that there would be one trillion bugs in it. If you can help me out correcting the same, I would be greatly thankful to you.
  2. Please share this with your friends and other Ayyappa devotees. But ensure that you do not make any commercial strings with it. This is a very humble request. So many people have taken pains to create the MP3 and Photos. Please do not make commercial strings.
  3. Please send your feedback to me as comments or let us discuss in


Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak!

Hope ur doing fine. The Sabarimala video was great. Enjoyed it. Theres another software called Muvee Auto producer which is also good for making movies. Anyway good attempt. The song was great and so were the pics.

Best Wishes,

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thanks for dropping by. It is a great pleasure and opportunity to serve the Lord and His devotees spreading His divine melodious name.

Anonymous said...

mr.Deepak This is vineeth from tirupathi doing hotel mangement.i am a big devotee of ayyappa,i seen ur sabarimala video yatra it was great,i enjoyd a lot . i pray to god to good sake for u,all the best

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Excellent... good one... not an easy task... continue good work.
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!

Unknown said...

Sabarimala video transported me to the places I visited once very frequently. Now I get the blessings of him as the universal Force.