Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Summit Day 3 at Redmond Campus

Summit Day 3 at Redmond Campus

It is Day 3 of the Global Microsoft MVP Summit today being held at Redmond campus. As our shuttle entered the Redmond campus, it was a great moment of joy. While even the sessions were in progress, I bunked out a few moments and was enjoying the greeneries of the campus. The ASP.NET Team gave us a Visual Studio Team System DVD, a pendrive and a lot more goodies to carry along with loving memories to cherish till next year's summit on April 14, 2008.

While we entered Redmond campus, the weather was really cool and it was witnessing pleasant and little showers too. It is a great pleasure to blog about this event right from within Redmond campus itself. There are lot of things that bring in waves of happiness hitting from all quarters incessantly and unrelentingly. A few of the points that come up on the forefront are:

  1. Visit and a full day at Redmond campus, the heaven on earth for developers.
  2. Visiting the home (or kennel) of Rocky. I sincerely hope that there should be some esolution the Office 2007 issue of disappearing Rocky.

There is more to discuss and would keep posting in due course. Stay Tuned!

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