Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dekhona -- Indian Video Website

Dekhona -- Indian Video Website
Following up from a newsletter from Mouthshut, I visited Dekhona, which introduces itself as a new, novel, young, cool, temperamental video website from India. The logon screen, video display screens all seems to be following the style of YouTube. Currently they seem to be having some contest where you upload your video and you can stand to win a lot of iPODs too.
But my actual concern was how much Dekhona is going to enforce of copyright concerns. I like YouTube way of taking greatest amount of care on Intellectual property. I searched Dekhona up and down, making use of Google Toolbar Site search but I could not find convincing information how it is enforcing copyright restrictions, responding to copyright infringment calls. YouTube has a dedicated DMCA Cell and an email address copyright (at) where you can take help from regarding copyright.
For those video publishers from India, you can try Dekhona and try publishing your videos and win iPods but take care of your intellectual property, since we have outlined some missing information in the previous paragraph.


Anonymous said... has a comprehensive DMCA policy.

It is spelt out in their Terms of Use. You can also read their extremely well written, no nonsense Ethics Guidelines.

I am stunned to find out that you did not find any copyright protection measures on

Maybe you should read:
I quote from the link:
"...Upload videos that don't belong to you

Basically, we're very tolerant. But when it comes to copyright violation, you can bet your last cent that we won't tolerate plagiarism. Phew! All videos that violate copyright laws will be deleted even before you blink. Uff! Remember, it hurts to plagiarize."

their Terms of Use and DMCS is here

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you for sharing the DMCA Policy information from Dekhona.

Anonymous said...

There are few other indian video websites which has good amount of videos are and meravideo

vishywashi said...

check out - way cooler videos than these.