Saturday, May 26, 2007

Grihapravesam Offer

Grihapravesam Offer

The other day while I was travelling through Udayam Theater road (Ashok Pillar traffic lights), I saw a hoarding that was really interesting. 'Grihapravesam offer'.[Give your homekeys and we would arrange for the Griha Pravesham].

I observe that the package offering has become a very promising business opportunity taking into advantage of the fast-moving lifestyle and busy schedules of the people. The other common bundle offer normally you on weekend newspapers is "Personal Computer (PC) sales". You get all accessories related to PC and some multimedia gadgets in one single rate. The only thing you must be careful in such things is that you have to have a good drafted Excel sheet, work out by putting in black-and-white the various components' prices in individual and in bundle offer. Only if you feel that there is significant saving, you should try considering it.

And there was one very promising bundle offer and an innovative of kind which, matrimony website provides. They offer a package offer like 'Lakshathil oru kalyanam' (Marriage within One Lakh) scheme. They have a full organizational range to control the entire stretch of all activities that are involved in the marriage. We have touched base on this topic sometime back while discussing about Satari Bhavanam.

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