Thursday, May 24, 2007

Save Shri Ram Sethu Bridge

Save Shri Ram Sethu Bridge

Shachi Rairikar
( has done a good commendable job for having pioneered the effort in bringing up an online petition in support of saving the Sethu bridge. The problem has cropped up because out of political and ulterior motives the ruling government in Tamil Nadu is firm is getting a canal deepened between India and Sri Lanka, which has been identified by NASA pictures of holding a man-made bridge dating back to millions of years old. This coincides with the Sethu bridge that was constructed by Vanara Senas during The Ramayana. Let us join together and make as little effort of at least signing the petition and supporting to save the cause of Sethu bridge.

Check out the petition online here.

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Unknown said...

i am girija working in a defence lab...i really feel ashamed that the SSCP project had been stasrted since 2 years,...there is no enough uproar against it , against the govt. which is leading the SSCP from the front, to the irony....i feel that what we know from our childhood...what we listened from the stories told my our grand parents....we can really see that and have a look at it...that NASA is showing us those pictures.....and we are trying to quarrel on the issue whether it is man made or not...if feel it is nature made( by vanaras) and so it has more importance that it need to be preserved....
i really feel that every one who believes in this should come out and stop the SSCP project immediately, if not put enough pressure on the govt... not to do such haisy jaobs...playin with the beliefs of the people