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Those who envy show themselves with a negative face

Those who envy show themselves with a negative face

This post had been written after due compilation of information from various eminent scholars and experts. Besides theoretical facts, mythological comparisons, we have given due realtime examples too. To protect the privacy of people concerned, as far as possible, we have restricted the identities to generic representations.

We also have made and taken greatest attention cum yeoman efforts and due care to the minutest fact that it does hurt any body's emotions or ego in whatever form be it. I agree the information presented is a bit sensitive and even derives-cum-attributes its sensitivity to various adhyayams in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. While we can not give the entire saransh of Bhagavad Gita as cross-references, at least, we humbly hope that this mental though process would serve as a key-start information, a candle light to eradicate the darkness in the room (, the mind).

Should you find through a post is offending anything, please accept our apologies in advance for the said inadvertant entries and let us know at deepak.vasudevan (at) inbox.com. We would take every single effort, leaving no stones unturned to address the malady.

Now let us put aside the meta discussions, disclaimers and the other yada yada apart and delve back into the main topic of discussions.

Envy (aka jeolousy) comes up to people due to many reasons.

  1. Lack of Proactive delivery capabilities in driving themselves towards the goal.
  2. Their lack of self confidence
  3. Substained perseverance and Focussed attention to the goal hand without getting disturbed on any front.
  4. Inherent impotency (aka) incapability in achieving things
  5. Incessant, Unagreeable, Intolerable, Avaricious Greed on another's possession. Another's possession might be a tangible or intangible entity.
    1. The tangible entity in most of the cases would be money or a derivative of it light movable or immovable assets. You can find scores of incidents/headlines in the day-to-day dailies involving monetary greed even leading to gruesome murders or heinous assaults on each other.
    2. The next one is intangible greed which epicenters around name and fame. This basically tries to look at other's hard-earned name and fame and looking at the same to tarnish or sabotage it or taking advantage of it for one's own malicious or monetary advantage purposes.
    3. The more disgusting thing which is developing nowdays is lust, which derails us from the common customs and cultures. Starting from the days of Ramayana, the greatest Shiva Bhaktha and Sangeetha Vidwan (Lankeshwara alias Ravana) got derailed and succumbed to his lust.

When a person envies you you can easily spot this attitude. The language of Tamil has such an excellent deep-rooted rich literature that a simple four-letter proverb conveys it all. Rather it just conveys the essence of the caption of this post in just four words:

அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்

We all encounter envies and encounters a lot of times even in a single day both personally and professionally. The best simplest solution to dealing with and coping up with such problem is:

  1. Ignore them. You can not keep arguing and/or advising to a wall. Having nurtured a great mental block for themselves, the person breeding the envy should have a self-initiated good intent to shed it for his own good and self-upliftment. When you keep advising him, you would be doing it with a real good heart. But behind the scenes you would be actually fuelling or catalysing it more further.
  2. Deducing from the modus operandi of ignoring them, you should ensure that you keep yourself and the envy-breed at bay. You might not know when and how the envy would manifest and in what format. To keep things cleaner and safer, keep them off at a remote distance. You keep off vectors carrying malaria, filaria and AIDS right. Now add this also to the list. Again lending a Tamil proverb to richly describe this, here is the same: துஷ்டனை கண்டால் தூர விலகு.
  3. Should you encounter such pranksters keep haunting you frequently, it also helps for a while if you could change your location away from them. The "Visual Proximity Test" helps in most cases. This typically applies in the case of woman who are victims of envy and sexual assaultment at the hands of potential and powerful supervisory cadres.

How do you identify such creatures playing pranks with you?

There is no hard-and-fast rule. You just need to apply your mind and heart in understanding people. Remember you are dealing with relationships. There is a proverb in Tamil which explains like 'Saving a saree which has fallen over thorny fence'. We have to exercise sufficiently extra caution in ensuring that the saree does not get torn right? (Quoting the original proverb: முள்ளின் மேல் விழுந்த சேலை போல)

I wouldn't mind giving some realtime examples too but re-read the Privacy implications for even the victims and the accused that we are bothering about. You need to appreciate me for showing a good amount of generosity, magnanimity and kindness. Am I too much praising myself? Just kidding. :) So, I am just substantiating with only through my own close circles.

Santosh and myself have been going through encountering many such evil pranksters. His resignation from our previous organization was exactly five months before my resignation from the same. He had to face different hostile attitude being showered there from diversified quarters besides threats. In my perspective, I would say such persons also qualify as 'Trojans'. And we needed to apply some strategies to get off the tricks and slippery dragnets that were opened up for him in order to pave a way for his more potential career through Gavs India and further road ahead. Savitha Ramesh Rao, was greatly helpful in tiding over the hurdles at that time. Our sincere thanks to her.

The then module lead (Mailachalam Shanmugam) from the organization, used to give us valuable advises on personal and professional fronts in many instances. Being really like aged beyond 50 with good plenty experience, it was really a great learning for everyone from him. He is a very admirable person for everyone. He used to tell that 'Do not care about the persons who keep intimidating you and bothering you always. That means the person feels hapless about your growth. If you closely observe him, whenever they do that, their face would sweat like a swine and they would really look like persons who are servicing corpse in cremation ghats'. In Tamil, we call it as Savakkalai (சவக்களை).

I feel that Myls observation is two hundred per cent true. The evil prankster who plays against you would only do in the background. If you closely observe him, he would show a 'sweating face and a palpitating breath as if he is suffering from sort of nervous disorder'. He would also be not able to see you 'face-to-face'. The only thing you need to take care are the bullet points that we discussed above.

With Myls being the source of inspiration for the blog caption, the blog post was inspired by another guinea pig for us in our learning labs. You can check out the lab experiment over here. You could simply witness a real standing testimony for how extensively a person's jeolousy and envy could span across.

The bottomline of the post is simple. Do not get intimidated by a person who keeps showering envy and other evil showers. When a person gazes at for a while without any inner meaning, it is a moment of pride and rejoice that you are being revered as an idol/celebrity. Good work! That means you are on the progressive path. Unless there are such speed breakers, you would not know that you are actually on the right path. Let us treat such encounters as learning labs and the envy breed as guinea pigs on which we test our experiments with.

Nature is a big book. We are still readers of its first page. I guess, I haven't bored you guys with a really long philosophical thought. What do you feel about it? Share your views.


Anonymous said...

Very good one. Now we get to learn that citibank is not useless. at least its telemarketing executives and thier goons in various organizations serve as guinea pigs for your lab experiments.

Anonymous said...

I was redirected to you from Aravinthan blog. I feel that this view also closely has relationship to the reservation that he has discussed. Pained by second grade citizen. http://aravinthan.wordpress.com/2006/07/05/pained-i-am-a-second-grade-citizen-for-so-i-am-treated/

the politicains are so much giving support for the socalled low class people. i would says that politicians are the culprits who make them feel low class, backward communities. I am currently getting admission and I am trying for Anna University. in the anna university form there is one more thing called denotified communities. can these people do not have guts to face others in open competition? also as you say they have real negative face when they see brighter ones from who they label as open competion or forward communities.

these People seem to be suffering from some sort of hysteria on seeing persons who word hard to make progress and show negative face.

I thank you for bringing in a very philosophical post.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

This was the message I recieved from Mohan Chandran as an email comment. I would like to share it on behalf of Mohan Chandran.

Hi Deepak,

Excellent post. Great. Keep it up. It was really thought-provoking. We both
share similar ideas :-) and I suppose, that's why we are friends! Birds of
the same feather flock together!!


"Doubt whom you will, but never yourself." - Christine Bovee

P. Mohan Chandran |
Editor - Communications |
Indian School of Business (ISB)
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Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your views. Here are my responses to your comments.

First, I would like to thank you for visiting Aravinthan's weblog. Aravinthan has been my Technical Lead in my previous organization. Nevertheless, even when the organization has currently become defunct, he is helping us time and again in all our technical lookups and clarifications. We all are greatly indebted to him in more ways than one. It is a great pleasure to see that this post of mine could contribute and compliment the social concern efforts of a really person of such a high calibre.

I also accept your views regarding the politicians making great booty over the reservations. After all that is politics right. They try to make the best booty in anything.

I do fondly recall the Anna University application form (the then admission process of 1995 in both Anna University and Department of Technical Education (DoTE) for Government Aided and Self-Financing colleges) that about four pages of the admission booklet would just enumerate through the list of community names for Backward Communities, Denotified Communities, MBC, SC, ST.

At the moment, my view on this is the following "We can not help out voicing concern over these political goons. I am not interested in pulling the discussions over this political topics in this weblog, which is serving as a valuable information platform. So let us divert the topic away from that political whirlpool. The beneficiaries of such illicit reservations should realize from within themselves the pleasure of winning by hardword and not by fleecing others. We can not straighten a dog's tail as a tamil proverb goes and so let us not waste time over that topic.". :)

I once again thank you for dropping by and sharing your valuable comments.

Anonymous said...

Parota Boys:

In the context of this envy discussion, I just thought of sharing another view which the program manager (Sasidharan Chinnaraj) of my previous organization used to comment. I actually invited him to review the post sometime last month (in December, if I recall correctly). He called after that and appreciated for the good deep thought process.

He also quoted another interesting word 'Call them as Parota Boys'. In Tamil Nadu, you can see Parota is the most cheapest and unhygeniecally prepared in most tea stalls. The persons who prepare Parota also use the same broomstick to clean the floor and then dip it over the Parota Tawa. Perhaps sometime back, we were also discussing about Kothu Paratha at Citibank

During the course of the talk he also recalled about one incident in my previous organization where he had openly scolded one of the other project manager guy since he was involving in shady activities and surreptiously supporting his 'favorites' for onshore and other promotional prospects. We all actually would admire him for this openness everywhere. He just called the other project manager "as not even fit for managing an idli shop".

Recent Example:

I have a very recent example in my near vicinity. A person used to involve in a sort of Musical Cough. I am not sure whether he is suffering from sort of Tuberculosis or just extrapolating some sort of behavioral attitude. I am just trying to match out whether this should also added as one of the ways in which envy gets expressed out. I am still doing a research on that. Perhaps if another reader has got exposure to this type of people, feel free to share across.