Sunday, June 10, 2007

Big FM reminded of Dallas - Chennai return trip

Big FM reminded of Dallas - Chennai return trip

While driving home late night yesterday and turning on the FM Stereo, it was really nice songs on Big 92.7 FM in Chennai. Right from the launch, Big FM is performing majestic march in the city both from the programme delivery perspective and promotional offers. I would like to recall the Free Ride offering from Big FM sometime in January 2007.

Well! The song that was playing in Big FM was 'Adhikalai Sevalai Ezhuppi...' from a film starring Ajith and Devayani. I am not sure of the film name though. But the song content goes like the hero is trying to wake up the hen which normally wakes up people early in the Indian villages. Going one step forward, the next lyric of the song is like the hero tries to speed up his watch so that the dawn comes fast so that he can get the glimpse of his beloved who would come out of her house to put the Kolam (Rangoli).  For interesting reasons, the memory jumped back to May 9 for me towards the return trip from Dallas to Chennai. Of course, my mindset during that time was the reverse of the lyrics. I was fondly hoping that we should have got the powers to push back the watch a few days back so that it would be more extended stay in Nature's blessed land. You can check out my US-stay related posts over the following links:

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