Thursday, June 07, 2007

Citizen Traffic Cop Initiative

Citizen Traffic Cop Initiative

Following from the Chennai MVP Meet, and after browsing through the, I felt from the heart that this is one website which is a dire need of Indian society at the moment. With booming number of vehicles ravaging through the Indian roads with a plain majority of them throwing rules to the air, putting safety of citizens at stake and the situation itself being fuelled by nonchalant traffic cops all over, here is one good opportunity for you, to be represent as a responsible, vibrant, dynamic and energetic traffic cop.

Check out It is a pretty straight and simple website to bring and highlight traffic violators and thier violations known to a wider base of audience. The most lovely features of the website are below:

  1. Pretty fast website
  2. Quick Registration
  3. Features an impressive statistics on Traffic Incidents as an Article.
  4. A lucid report on 'Top Traffic Violators'.

The website is currently in its infancy and hence there may not be enough data to display but I am sure at least we have to appreciate the webmaster and the team behind it for the excellent innovative effort that has been put across to bring out this website. Let us wish them all success in this new endeavor.


Anonymous said...

The website is missing option for pedestrians violating the traffic rules. I drive car, for me the most annoying people are bike riders, they are like a virus.

Abhishek Kant said...

thanks for the kind words here. the motivation for doing this site was to give bak to society in my own way..
syam: while i understand the frustration, it is difficult to identify the "pedestrian" (no registration no there)! unable to identify / report is the problem.
for 2 wheelers etc getting in way, you may want to use reckless driving as the violation category!

Abhishek Kant said...

thanks for your kind words.. the motivation here is to benefit the society in my own way
syam: it is impossible to identify pedestrians( no reg. no) and hence that might not be possible. for 2 wheelers etc, you can use "reckless driving" as the violation category.

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Here is my review for the site