Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aadi Velli Celebrations at Chennai Om Sri Skandashram, Selayur

Aadi Velli Celebrations at Chennai Om Sri Skandashram, Selayur

Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam will celebrate every Friday in the month of Aadi (that starts on Tuesday) with grandeur. Aadi Velli assumes significant importance in the state of Tamil Nadu. The following are the plan outline as mentioned in Tambaram Talk, a neighborhood newspaper for Tambaram.

1. Inaugural Day: Pushpapavadai Alangaram for Goddess Bhuvaneswari.
2. July 27: Manjal Kappu Alangaram
3. August 3: Unjal Alangaram
4. August 10: Annapurani Alangaram
5. August 17: Sarkarai Kappu Alangaram
On all these days, the following are the schedules:

Pooja: 0715 hours
Prathiyankaran Saraba Soolini Homam: 0900 hours
Abhishekam: 1000 hours
Annadhanam: 1230 hours
Special Alangaram and Navavarna Poojas to Sri Chakra Maha Meru: 1800 hours

Contact Details:

Chennai Om Sri Skandasramam,
1, Kambar Street,
Mahalakshmi Nagar,
Selayur, Chennai -- 600 073.
Tamil Nadu. INDIA.
Telephone: +914422290134,+914422293388


Anonymous said...

Deepak.. Tambaram Talk is runned by one of my friend. Have you seen their office in Tambaram?

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Hello Rajesh,

Thanks for sharing the information. Tambaram Talk, I guess, is from the house of TalkMedia in Guindy.

Their office in Tambaram (Selayur), I think, is in Antony Street near Aadhi Nagar bus stop.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. how to reach skandashram from mylapore? Can anyone please guide me?