Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kalarikkal Jothida Nilayam

Kalarikkal Jothida Nilayam

I wanted to share the information about an astrologer from this area. Actually a couple of my friends too got acquainted sometime back. Partially based from Kerala, they have very good predictive abilities without suggesting too much costly parikarams etc. They mostly concenterate on the following specializations in astrology and horoscope:

  1. Marriage Matching and Identifying troubles and delays to marriage.
  2. Business Enhancements and Expansion
  3. Career Prospects
  4. Legal Litigation Problems
  5. Unknown Mental Problems/Distress/Sorrow/Agony/Anxiety
  6. Family Problems
I would also like to give thier contact details for those who might be interested:

Kalarikkal Jothida Nilayam,
No. 9, Vivekananda Street,
VOC Nagar,
Chennai -- 600 073.

Telephone: +919894440477

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