Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Santosh Kumar Sinha

Happy Birthday to Santosh Kumar Sinha

It had been an year since Santosh left Chennai on a lookout for some good greener pastures in Bangalore. I think this year's Birthday also coincides with his 'Wedding Anniversary'. Let us join together to wish him 'Many Many Happy Returns of the Day', as he celebrates his birthday on September 16, 2007.

To quickly recap a few memories with Santosh:

  1. His advent into my previous organization C. S. Software Solutions sometime in July 2002, when a new project was being started.
  2. An interesting journey experience at Munnar Team Building Trip.
  3. A lot of interesting incidents like
    1. QueryExpress Resume Posts to avoid political interferences at the previous organization.
  4. My brief journey to Bangalore and Back coinciding with his brief journey to Sri Lanka and back.
  5. A bit of hot pepper troubles between us because of evil eyes on our good old friendship, in the form of a girl from the wrecked previous organizations. It was a girl lust who broke down Sri Lanka and the mighty Ravana and so was brief troubles erupting between us in the form of a girl. With the grace of Lord, we crossed this shady tides back.
  6. Around July 2006: Santosh invites me for his wedding at Pune with Priyanka Singh.
  7. Around August 2006: Santosh tells me in confidence that he is leaving to Bangalore on a better opportunity.
  8. Around September 2006: Tearful farewell between friends at Chennai Central Railway station leaving behind only mobile and email communications.

Well! That brings a reel of old memories flowing down the mind in just a jiffy. With all things aside, let us join together to wish him "Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day" and "Advanced Wedding Anniversary Greetings".

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