Friday, November 02, 2007

The Friday Turmoil

Just about the previous Friday (the one before Diwali) had an interesting turn of events for me. I had someone to meet for a quick Lunch as she is flying to UK the Friday night. But just but two days before it, a set of white-collared hoodlums were busy disturbing my mental tranquility. They unnecessarily put forth solicitations for some junk get together or kind of lunch. I had to keep avoiding them in a very diplomatic way as always my stand used to be. They just used this stand since they had political power in the close proximity and hence were feeling a kind of superiority in them. Or rather they were feeling a kind of punch in thier ego. Nevertheless, I consider them useful in one way that they prove and help to be succinct salient testimony to our envy case study here in more ways than one.

I had to adhere to my Todolist more since it helps to streamline my time management and performance. Thanks to the envy-creatures that they could create a mental doldrums only for a few hours and then the following tasks reminded by my Todolist were completed impeccably:
  1. The scheduled meet-n-lunch with my friend at 1430 hours.
  2. On my return back, a quick visit to State Bank of India, Adyar regarding a query on the Fixed Deposit
A few learnings from the incident:

Ignore the creatures which keep disturbing you. Those things will run away after a while getting bored bugging you for some time.

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