Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ramayana Mahotsavam in Chennai

Ramayana Mahotsavam in Chennai


Sri Rama Samithi is organizing Ramayana Mahotsavam in Chennai on December 23. The purpose of this function is as follows:

  1. Upholding and spreading the moral values from Ramayana
  2. Protect the greatest cultural assets of the nation
  3. Uphold the Unity and Integrity of the Nation
  4. Ensure and Uphold World Peace and Prosperity

Programme Timings: December 23, 2007 (0900 hours to 1900 hours Indian Time)


Programme Features:


  1. A lot of great persons, writers and educationist are intending to participate in the function and render speeches. The samithi has also planned to organize puzzle contests for kids, Bhajans, Essay Writing contests, Folk Songs, Suppu Arumugam's Villuppattu etc.
  2. The venue of Mahotsavam would also accomodate stalls where books, photos, audio and video (MP3 casettes) related to Ramayana.

The samithi encourages everyone to participate in the function and to make it a huge success. If you are willing to participate/contribute, please get in touch with the organizers at the following contact details:


Sri Rama Samithi,

Dharma Rakshana Samithi,

64, Police Commissioner Office Road,

Chennai -- 600 008.

Telephone Numbers: +919444134770, +919444220927

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