Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thiruvannamalai MahaDeepam and Bharani Deepam Today

Thiruvannamalai MahaDeepam and Bharani Deepam Today

The much celebrated festival of Thirukkarthigai Month (Thiruvannamalai Maha Deepam and Bharani Deepam) is celebrated with great fervour today by millions of devotees of Lord Arunachaleswarar at Thiruvannamalai today.

The Thiruvannamalai Police Department has also launched a website on this topic for the service of devotees enumerating on the following topics:

  1. About the Festival
  2. The Programme
  3. Accomodation Details
  4. Transportation Guidelines
  5. Traffic Diversions
  6. Logistics Arrangement including temporary parking stands for different types of vehicles
  7. Emergency Arrangements like Hospital, Ambulance etc
  8. Quick Rules of Thumb ("Do's and Dont's")

You can check out the website here. For the benefit of devotees right from the comfort of thier mobile, the following contact numbers are available from the police department regarding the above points.

  1. +9199789671011
  2. +919789671012
  3. +919789671013
  4. +919789671014
  5. +919789671015

The cops, the municipal authorities, the district and temple administration expect whole-hearted cooperation from the devotees to facilitate a peaceful darshan for all.

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Anonymous said...

A recall from my old post. Thiruvannamalai MahaDeepam also coincides with Pancharatra Deepam observed in Sri Vaishnava temples.

You can find an outline of the same here.