Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Pongal Celebrations 2008

My Pongal Celebrations 2008

I would like to draw the attention of users to our Pongal/Makara Sankranthi wishes before I discuss about my Pongal Celebrations this year. I think the weeklong Pongal Celebrations I was going through almost coincided with the exact days that has been earmarked for each of the festival. Rather, I would say, I was celebrating each day on its eve (a day before), with a sense of being an early bird.

Bhogi on 14th January 2008

The day before Pongal is celebrated as Bhogi. It is customary for the people of Tamil Nadu to white-wash (paint) their houses in bright colors, clear off all dust that has gathered and keep the environment spic-and-span. The elders also used to advise that on Bhogi day we should burn off all evil that have gathered at heart and cultivate a very holy thought-mind (Saatwic Mind). With this custom around, my schedule on 13th January 2008 was to clean up the house in full with all rubbish being destroyed. There were but little to huge junk mailers that have gathered which found the way to dustbin of Sembakkam Municipality.

Pongal Eve on 14th January 2008

I had two important tasks to complete on 14th. They were:

  1. Visiting my doctor to treat an acute bruise suffered in the leg due to boarding a running bus. The normal Dial-A-Pharmacist home therapy did not yield and fruitful results for the past two days other than making the pain severe and unmanageable.
  2. Watching the Makara Jyothi live on the television
Both these tasks were completed without any difficulties. However, I had to avail a half-day leave to achieve both (1) and (2).

Pongal on 15th January 2008

Due to medical advise on taking rest for the bruise suffered, I was staying indoors with all outdoor programmes scheduled on my calendar deferred for later days. The very interesting movie, Vettayadu Vilayadu which used to play fun during our Sabarimala Pilgrimage Year 4 and Year 5 was being aired and I got to watch it in full this time.

Playing with Rocky on 16th January 2008

The regular Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word conversations, I guess would roughly coincide with the Mattup Pongal since in Microsoft Word, we have the little Rocky to play with.

Kaanum Pongal on 17th January 2008

The Kaanum Pongal on 17th January 2008 coincided with my Thursday routine trip to Thiruvallikeni temple. Hence I got to travel by Marina Beach to even celebrate the Kaanum Pongal.

That completes the discussion of my celebration of sweet little Pongal Celebration.

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