Sunday, January 20, 2008

Online Tamil Dictionary

Online Tamil Dictionary

Sometime back we had a very interesting discussion in CodeProject Lounge on a particular guy in my close circle who has the habit of coughing in a very musical tone. For those interested, here is the permalink URL for the same. After that once, it so happened after a heavy lunch on Friday, myself and my other friend (the innovative inventors of the discussion thread outlined) had some constant burps. We were teasing each other like whether we are trying to emulate the Musical Cougher. In Tamil, we call burp as ஏப்பம். But I was trying to find out high and low on what is the English equivalent of this ஏப்பம்.

Today I found a very good Tamil - English website which gives the English words for Tamil words. In our current context ஏப்பம் means burp or belching sound in English. But I would say, anyone should have this Online Tamil English dictionary in their favorites as it is very useful for everyone. Check it out here:

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A T Pillai said...

Hi Deepak,

You can also try the below dictionary. It is an excellent modern Tamil dictionary: