Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who told "IT Guys Practice Late to Bed and Late to Rise?"

Who told "IT Guys Practice Late to Bed and Late to Rise?"

I have been observing a common feeling at least from Chennai, India that people nurture a few weird things about people hailing from software professions.

The Myth

1) Always work late and they wake up very late. They always get to skip the early morning cool serene nature and the glimpse of the beautiful rising sun.
2) Always spendthrift.
3) Carefree and do not bear and accept responsibilities.
4) High earners.

The Reality

1) I would say the people who stick on to the myth like above are carried by the exceptions or stuck to a section of IT Enabled services like call centers whose employees need to cater and serve the other timezones of the world. I was actually inspired to write this post after reading an email from my one of my colleage (Ramesh Kumar Nagarajan) who is currently on an assignment to United States. The mail came from him at really early morning hours there, inspite of the chill climate prevailing there. He used to always practice "Early to bed and Early to rise" even while he was in Chennai. He has been always a source of inspiration for many things like:

(a) Focussed attention to the task on hand.
(b) Sticking on to 'Early to bed and Early to rise' instead of wasting odd times of the night to odd hours spoiling the health with junk foods.
2) Never. People in IT are more conscious spenders.
3) They have more responsibilities than any other quarter. There is a saying "If the train driver sleeps, the entire set of passengers' life is at stake". This saying very much applies to IT sector. With a significant chunk of world life empowered by computers and software, a good dynamic vibrant software professional is always expected to be responsible.
4) They are responsible tax-payers and nation builders.

I think we need to take slow, steady and conscious initiatives in getting other people realise that IT sector is not an island by itself. If people still stick on to their superstitions belief, those viruses should just be quarantined. We have studied a case study about people showing an envy face sometime back right. That should make us understand about envying people.

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