Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The intimidating question of "Where do you go?"

The intimidating question of "Where do you go?"

There is a common saying in Tamil or a belief and it is considered an ill-omen when someone asks you "Where do you go" at the time when you are starting out. There are quite a few beliefs similarly like ''A cat crossing the street","A widow coming in front", "A single Brahmin coming in front". When I say ''single'' brahmin, I am not intending a marital status but the number of persons. When there are two or more, it is considered holy. :)

Recently one of my friend emailed me that he is feeling disturbed that when he starts somewhere one of his coworker deliberate ly asks "Where do you go". He apprehends it as a sinister motive query. I checked against a few websites and a little bit of Internet research and consultation with scholars reveals the following.

[Where do you go]
This query is valid only one it is unintentional and inadvertant. Actually there is a voice from the Lord through the asker to alert of a potential threat to the adventurer on his task or an impending evil or an imminient delay in the task on hand.

Any other way of encountering this question can be brushed aside and thrown to the dustbin since they can be treated as null and void.

The other two listed symptoms have the following workarounds:
  1. Sit down
  2. Drink some water and relax
  3. Do same prayers and resume your work.

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