Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Agni Pravesham

My Agni Pravesham

We have to harvest whatever we have sown. There is no exemption for anyone in this regard. This birth and the various bliss/curses that we enjoy are actually, as our elders say, are the fruits of our Karma that has gone in the previous birth and also in the previous years. To an extend, in our hindu mythology, it is said that when any of our ancestors are not satisfied with the pitru work, the effects descend upon upto three heirs or generations.

This was the query to my Lord from me during my Vishu trip to Sabarimala: "How about my Karma effects on the current birth? I am trying to focus upon you. But mundane disturbances from all quarters keep pinging me and inundating me. Can you help?".

I strongly believe post this trip the answers and corrective actions have started to rotate the time wheels in full swing. We always believe that Agni is the sole witness for us in most of our religious functions. During the weddings, Agni remains as the witness for a great extent. Check out a typical Sri Vaishnava wedding here.

I have been running into a quite an amount of heat-related issues all over. Summer is not new to me. I have been accustomed to roaming under hot sun even during Agni Nakshitram ever since. But what the heck for this year? With all heat-related issues hitting high, I also got a very high temperature during the past week. I strongly accept it as a token of blessing from my Saranam Ayyappa. With the blessings of the Lord, while the fever and the heat rashes are coming down fast along with the medications by my doctor, I do have a little more observations to share along:

  1. The blessings of the Agni to purify my mind and heart. With a benevolent and seamless combination of Tamil New Year 2007 (Sarvadhari 2007), this provides me an assurance to rinse and clean my heart of the accumulated sins.
  2. Alongside, I should also try to ensure that the firewall (which sniffs any incoming relationships on the pretext of friendship) is strengthened. I remember, one of my friend (Muthu Rajesh) telling me to abstain even talking from low-profile people who just loiter around and flirt with girls wasting their time.

    I understand that abstaining from a number of such low profile might trigger their egos to come crashing down showing and manifesting their envy in different forms. But it is upto them. We ought to see which is beneficial for us towards serving the Lord (the Almighty) and all other mundane speed-breakers, if needed, has to be kicked off the path.
Let me wish one and all a 'Happy and Prosperous Tamil New Year 2007'.

It is just the beginning.... There is more laurels to win and more laurels to conquer ...

Stay tuned!!

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