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Distribution of Textbook Guides by Noble Foundation, Madurai

Distribution of Textbook Guides by Noble Foundation, Madurai

I came to know of Noble Foundation through my college friend.. They have a very noble mission of helping out students in various schools and colleges by distributing text books and guides. I just recieved an email newsletter from them regarding this year's plan of distribution and just thought I would share out with other interested readers so that more people can participate in lending a helping hand to a needy in his/her education. "A candle lights another and in the process neither grows dimmer but brightens up the entire ambience" is a proven saying right?

From the newsletter, I could gather the following information, which I would like to share:

  • The academic year (2007-08) witnessed a distribution of text books to 54 students. Most of the students have returned their books after completion of their course. Books seems to be good and which are able to be utilized this year were stitched / wrappered. This shall be used this year also.
  • For this year, they are planning to purchase nearly 20 books in replacement of damaged books. Also they are planning to step-up the distribution to more number of students. With this expansion in the offing, an estimated sum of INR 3000 to INR 3500 is being incurred to distribute to 75 students.
They seem to have begun this noble initiative in the year 2004 distributing to 6 students and now the plan is intending to serve upto 75 students. I think this is a very good moment for us to join hands and helping out a needy for his/her education.

Here is the address of the foundation for your quick reference:

Noble Foundation
New No.48 (Old No.29/1)
Perumal Koil South Mada Street
Madurai – 625 001
Tamilnadu. INDIA.

Telephone : +914523298525
Email : noblefoundationmadurai (at)
Website :

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