Saturday, June 07, 2008

Siruvachoor Madhurakaliamman Temple near Thiruchi

Siruvachoor Madhurakaliamman Temple near Thiruchi

During my Vishu Sabarimala trip this year and when we returning back to Chennai, we went to Siruvachoor Madhurakaliamman temple. While coming out of the temple, I saw the temple noticeboard where they had advertised about the website of the temple also. I noted it down but misplaced it somewhere.

Today, by the grace of Goddess, I came across the website and the URL is this one:

The page has a good design but it is little heavy because of lot of images. The website is fully in Tamil and the text also is displayed as images and that is the reason, I doubt, when I misplaced the URL, I could not spot it through a quick search engine.

I just thought I would share the same to other readers so that interested can try planning a visit to the temple and get the blessings of the Lordess.

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