Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Friday Evening at TownePlace, Irving

The Friday Evening at TownePlace, Irving

After the weeklong stretch and stress, this weekend start (Friday) was a little relaxing one. Myself, Peter (who came in yesterday), Praveen and Parthiban went to Centennial in Irving and bought some beer and other little beverages.

We came back to hotel sometime around 1900 hours. I had an interesting learning now. Here in Irving, there seems to be a practice that we should not carry beverages bottles or those stuff visibly. They should be having a good packing and then it should be carried.

We were having some light refreshments at Towne Place Marriots (the next hotel to my Residence Inn Marriot) on the same Walnut Hill Lane. As the discussion picked up and our team count was increasing, we had to move from the closed shelter to the adjoining pool.

Initially, we four started off the weekend fun but later joined by a few more of my colleagues. The weekend meet also introduced my other colleague in his new avatar as a blogger. Let me introduce his blog to others too. Check out his weblog here.

After a little long chit chatting and a quick sip of Corona beer, we returned back to our suites at around 2330 hours to catch quick winks of sleep.

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